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Styles in Art and Design

October 6 2019
A style is like handwriting, it is unique. Each style has a defining set of features. When we look at any product, we can identify its style, and that allows us to unlock a lot of useful and cool information about the item. Some styles are well known and popular, Art Deco for example, others are relatively obscure. Often old styles become popular again — that’s called fashion.
Antique English wine glasses

Antique Georgian Drinking Glasses 🍷 Wine, Sherry, Port, Punch and Everything in Between

October 5 2019
If you enjoy port, sherry, Madeira or any other dessert wine or aperitif, then read on about the traditional glassware used to serve these drinks. These are some of the classical antique English glasses from the Georgian to the early Victorian periods. You can easily find and add them to your drinks trolley.
Antique Georgian glass decanters

Antique Glass Port and Sherry Decanters

October 5 2019
Port has long been known as the Englishman’s wine. Since the early 18th century Englishmen have manufactured it in Portugal and shipped home, and probably more than any other nation, they have drunk it in great quantities.
Historical Periods Explained

Historical Periods Explained

October 5 2019
Most historical periods have names and they help to describe an item by providing a context — it is like a code name that contains the useful meaning behind it. Say “it’s a Georgian table” and it will immediately suggest certain shapes and styles, even though the period lasted more than a century. Different countries and regions have different periods, often named after a monarch, political or social events. For example, French Belle Epoque ran in parallel with English Victorian and Edwardian periods.
Periodic table of materials

Materials in Antique & Vintage Homewares Explained

October 4 2019
Each item is made of something. That’s simple. But some materials used in vintage and antique homewares can be confusing. We explain in a simple form what each material is, how it looks and where it comes from.
Colourful monkeys

Colour Patterns Explained

October 3 2019
A list of popular ceramic and glass groups named after certain colour patterns or decorative techniques. For example, Blue & White — it can be a ceramic of any type, any shape, with any painted or printed pattern and from anywhere in the world. But this group is called Blue & White, because its main decoration is a blue and white colour palette.
Beautiful antiques

What-is-What in the Lavish World 💯

October 1 2019
Lavish Shoestring lets you shop unusual homewares from the past 300+ years , all in one place. And this is a not-so-serious list of what-is-what in the lavish world. Not sure about a certain item function? Read on!
CNN Traders Programme

Interviewed by CNN 🔔 The Story of Lavish Shoestring

July 1 2019
The cool kids of the old world!
Lavish Shoestring is the fun, friendly place for beautiful and unusual vintage homewares for everyday use. We believe vintage home decor is for everybody.