Wall decoration

Babies print

Vintage English, late 20th century

$ 2448
Decorative Putti print
Decorative print of two baby angels or putti, in an oval mount, under glass in a wooden frame.
$ 2385
Map of Monmouthshire
English, 1787
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$ 3138
Decorative print
Vintage English, late 20th century
$ 2448
Cecil Aldin dog print

Trepidation by Cecil Aldin, coloured print of two dogs, double mounted, under glass and framed; vintage English 1930s.

$ 3138
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French fashion print

Antique French, mid 19th century

$ 3138
Landscape engraving

Antique French, 18th century

$ 3138
Daffodils coloured print
Antique English, 19th century
$ 6905
Carl Larsson print
Vintage Swedish, mid 20th century
$ 4394
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Print of two dogs

Vintage English, late 20th century

$ 3138
Two hounds
Vintage English, late 20th century
$ 3138
Framed golf print
Vintage English, 1930s
$ 3640
Market scene print

Vintage English, mid 20th century

$ 3138
Frame print of dogs

Vintage English, circa 1930

$ 3138
Framed dog print

Charming mounted and framed print under glass of two dogs, titled Supplication, by Cecil Aldin; vintage English circa 1930.

$ 3138
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Goodrich Castle engraving

Antique English, 19th century

$ 3013
Mounted art photograph
Charming professional art photograph in black and white, mounted on a hard cardboard; by an American artist, vintage mid 20th century.
$ 10671
Gold Imari porcelain plaque
Vintage Japanese, late 20th century
$ 7657
Poole wall plaque
Vintage English, late 20th century
$ 7406
Framed silk bookmark

Antique English, late 19th century

$ 3703
Georgian lady fashion print

Antique English, 1798

$ 6214
Ladies fashion print
Antique English, late 18th century
$ 5963
Framed sampler
Antique English, 1835
$ 33897
TV awards plaque

Vintage English, 1964

$ 10670
Decorative wall plate
Vintage German, late 1900s
$ 2981
Study of a lady framed print
Vintage French, 1970s
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$ 9414
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Ship building charts print

Antique French, late 1700s

$ 18831
Market scene pencil sketch
Coloured pencils on paper sketch of a Middle Eastern market scene signed in the lower right HBB for Hercules Brabazon Brabazon (1821-1906), mounted and framed under glass; antique English, 19th century. Provenance - from an Oxfrord collection. Dealer label on the back - Appleby Brothers Ltd, Christmas Exhibition 1965.
$ 24480
Food illustration picture
Vintage English, mid 20th century
$ 5648
Art Deco still life painting

Vintage English, 1926

$ 11925
Framed landscape painting

Vintage English, 1940s

$ 37663
Coloured etching of Durham
Antique English, 19th century
$ 2509
Highland landscape print
Antique English, 19th century
$ 5648
Winter season wall plaque

Vintage Danish, 1960s

$ 3137
Summer season wall plaque

Vintage Danish, 1960s

$ 3137
Fall season wall plaque
Classical wall plaque moulded in white bisque porcelain, the scene depicting Fall season, by Royal Copenhagen; vintage Danish 1960s.
$ 3137
Spring season wall plaque
Vintage Danish, 1960s
$ 3137
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Gibson girl golf print

Satirical print of a Gibson Girl at the golf course, titled One Difficulty of the Game, Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball, mounted, wooden frame and under glass; antique American 1899.

$ 5648
Rabbit hunting print
Antique English, 1841
$ 3137
Hounds chasing a hare print
Antique English, 1841
$ 3137
Framed food illustration
Vintage English, mid 20th century
$ 5648
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