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Kitchen Storage and Cooking Tools Antique Tea Sets, Teapots and Coffee Pots
Vintage & Antique Dinner Plates and Dishes Antique Serving Platters Vintage & Antique Tureens and Serving Bowls Vintage & Antique Jugs and Pitchers
Antique Silver Cutlery Antique Blue and White Dishes Antique Green Majolica Dishes Vintage & Antique Bristol Blue Glass
Antique Wine and Cocktail Glasses Antique Wine Carriers and Bottle Coasters Vintage & Antique Cocktail Shakers Antique Whisky and Port Decanters

Vintage & Antique Home Decorative Accents

Vintage & Antique Furniture Gallery Vintage & Antique Candlesticks and Lamps Vintage & Antique Vases and Flower Pots Pictures, Prints and Wall Decorations

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Lavish Shoestring has already become the largest online store for beautiful vintage and antique homewares, and we keep growing. We have thousands of items available in stock at any given time. All items in our stock are particularly suitable for your daily use - in good condition and fully functional.

Our main product catalogue is divided into the following categories:

Kitchen & Dining

  • Kitchen - where you can buy cooking, baking and general kitchen utensils.
  • Dining China - for all types of dinner plates, dishes and bowls.
  • Dining Serving Items - where you will find mostly meat platters, soup tureens and vegetable bowls as well as all items used while serving food at the table.
  • Cutlery & Linens - where forks, spoons and knives are supplemented by beautiful linen napkins and tablecloths.
Cocktail and Tea Time
  • Cocktail Time is for the pre and post dinner entertainment, all types of glassware, wine decanters and cocktail serving bar tools.
  • Tea Serving is for teapots, coffee pots and tea sets, as well as cake serving plates and platters.
  • Tea China is for everything tea drinking, like tea and coffee cups.
Home Decor
  • The Home Decor section hosts such categories as Furniture, where you will find mainly antique small furnishings, chairs, small tables and mirrors.
  • The Lighting category is full of beautiful candlesticks made of wood, brass an silver plated. There are also candelabras, lamps and chandeliers.
  • The Home Accents section is dedicated to decorative and useful home products.
  • The Wall Decor category is dedicated to antique pictures, paintings, prints and other wall decorations.

The Style Gallery holds records of our sold items. It loosely follows the category structure of our main product catalogue. But we also put together beautiful collections of similar items, such as Blue and White china, Majolica dishes or Platters and Serving Tureens. Such collections are unique as they showcase beautifully photographed antique products and allow you to browse, get inspired, collect ideas for your home and see the type of items Lavish Shoestring can bring into your home. Although all products shown here have been sold, we often get similar items in stock - all you need to do is just browse the main catalogue.

It all starts in the kitchen and ends up with tea! The kitchen section has all the baking, cooking and storage tools, as well as charming and useful condiments. The tea section is full of serving tea sets, teapots and coffee pots, cups and saucers.

Closely followed by the dining experience - here you will find everything you need to serve a proper meal - all types of plates, including dinner plates and bowls, serving platters and dishes, large soup tureens and vegetable dishes with lids, jugs and pitchers for water and drinks, and of course a wide variety of cutlery designs.

In the Bar Section explore all types of glassware, from red wine glasses to white wine dessert glasses, whisky tumblers and sherry schooners. Wine serving and drinking accessories, such as bottle coasters and corkscrews. The bar section is full of cocktail shakers and ice buckets and there is the largest decanter collection online.

Then comes the Decorator's Delight - small furniture from various periods and in different styles, candlesticks and lamps are practical and decorative, little home accents to add some charm; flower vases, planters and flower pots, and of course pictures and prints for the walls.

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