Large sugar caster


  • Large sugar caster
  • Large sugar caster
  • Large sugar caster
  • Large sugar caster

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Category: Sugar caster

Elegant Edwardian sugar caster with gadrooned pattern in solid sterling silver, by William Devenport; antique English, hallmarked for Birmingham 1905.

Condition: small dents

Size: 19 cm high;

Style note — although Edwardian period was short, lasting between 1901 and 1910, it oversaw two major styles — Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau. Traditionally, most Edwardian items, including furniture and homewares, are elegant both in design and in decoration, well constructed and very functional. Good and tasteful design was much admired during this period.

Facts of Lavish Cool fact — "As useful as a chocolate teapot” means pretty useless. A functioning 100% chocolate teapot was made in England in 2014 and it lasted for two minutes.

Color: Silver

Country: English

Style: Edwardian

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