Grindley pottery platter


  • Grindley pottery platter
  • Grindley pottery platter
  • Grindley pottery platter

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Brand: Grindley

Category: Platter

Elegant blue and white serving platter of an oval shape of the Mid-Century Modern style, by Grindley; vintage English 1950s.

Condition: fine

Size: 30 cm W, 36 cm L, 3.5 cm H.

Style note — Mid-Century Modern homeware products were made to be as useful as possible, with clear lines and simple design. Decoration was minimal and based on colours and elegant curving lines, illustrating the fact of mechanical production.

Facts of Lavish We are global — we routinely ship orders to remote locations. Once we delivered a parcel to Prudhoe Bay, an Alaskan town located within the Arctic Circle.

Color: White

Country: English

Material: Pottery

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