Flow blue pottery platter


  • Flow blue pottery platter
  • Flow blue pottery platter
  • Flow blue pottery platter

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Brand: Ford and sons

Category: Platter

Luxurious Victorian serving platter with Chatsworth decoration in flow blue and white, by Ford and Sons; antique English circa 1900.

Condition: some surface wear

Size: 27 cm W, 38 cm L, 4 cm H.

The long Victorian period (1838-1901) spanned over an immensely prolific time in the history of art and design. It covers such great fashions as Gothic Revival, the Pre-Raphaelites, Aesthetic Movement, Expressionism, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau. That was quite unlike any other period.

Facts of Lavish Care tip — avoid washing gilded and overglaze painted ceramics in a dishwasher. Tiny sand particles in water will eventually make the decoration look dull.

Color: Flow blue

Country: English

Material: Pottery

Style: Victorian

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