Elegant port glass


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Classical set of four small stem glasses ideal for serving port, sherry, liqueurs or shots of strong spirits, delicately blown on a thin stem; antique English early 1900s. Provenance: Fawley Court, Buckinghamshire.

Condition: in fine condition

Size: 8 cm H; 3.1" H.

Style note — although Edwardian period was short, lasting between 1901 and 1910, it oversaw two major styles — Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau. Traditionally, most Edwardian items, including furniture and homewares, are elegant both in design and in decoration, well constructed and very functional. Good and tasteful design was much admired during this period.

Facts of Lavish Good to know — the main reason for decanting port and sherry is to remove the sediment that builds up in a bottle. The wine can be decanted through a filter too.