Art Deco teapot


  • Art Deco teapot
  • Art Deco teapot
  • Art Deco teapot
  • Art Deco teapot
  • Art Deco teapot

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Brand: T-flo

Category: Teapot

Slick medium teapot with floral pattern of an oval shape, by T-Flo; vintage English 1930s.

Condition: fine

Size: 23 cm long, 13 cm high;

Art Deco style — decorations on most products in the Art Deco style are often geometric, inspired by the machinery and industrial advancement of the period. Floral elements are usually stylised and the colours are bold. This is one of the mostly recognisable styles in design and home décor.

Facts of Lavish History is cool. Tea drinking in Britain was initially limited due to it's high cost. Instead, coffee and chocolate dominated the market — hence the immense popularity of London coffee houses.

Color: Cream

Country: English

Material: Pottery

Style: Art deco

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