6 large dinner knives


  • 6 large dinner knives
  • 6 large dinner knives
  • 6 large dinner knives

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Category: Dinner knife

Elegant set of six silver plated metal dinner knives with kings decoration of the retro style, by Slack & Barlow. A great cutlery for any occasion; vintage English mid 20th century.

Condition: plating worn

Size: 22 cm L.

Retro note — a product style is usually unique to the period when it was made. However, some products, like this one, are inspired by an earlier style or even by several styles. So in that case they have a Retro or Traditional style. You would find some such products from the 1930s onward, but mostly after the 1970s.

Facts of Lavish Cutlery tip — all our cutlery, silver, silver plate and steel, can be washed normally, including those with ivory, bone, antler and horn handles; silver and silver plated parts can be polished.

Color: Silver

Country: English

Material: Silver plated

Style: Retro

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