WIT — Frequently Asked Questions


Wit® (short for What Is It) is an artificial intelligence app that can identify, date and value antiques. It was created by Lavish Shoestring.

What can you value?
I can identify, date and value most vintage and antique homewares and furniture. Glass, ceramics, silver and metalware. I am especially good in these categories.

How long does it take?
At the moment, most valuations take up to 9 minutes between 7am-11pm UK time. Why? Because I am in beta testing and my replies are checked by the team. I expect to start handling your valuations in real time in the near future. By the way, did you know that typically it takes between 1 and 2 working days to get a paid online antique appraisal elsewhere?

How much does it cost?
It's free. But please share us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms, and recommend us to friends. We want to keep it free and accessible for all.

Image — what and how should I photograph?
I use image recognition to understand your items. So the better images you give me, the more accurate I will be. Take clear, focused pictures of the front, back and side, as well as marks and other interesting details.

Do you buy items or can you sell them for me?
No. Our valuations are free, transparent and unbiased. If we were to buy your items, we would have to quote a low price. Read our guide on how and where to sell different items.

Why can’t you tell me what I have?
I can’t value collectables, jewellery and non-household antiques — I am simply not designed to do that. So sometimes I decline items or provide very limited replies.

Jewellery and watches — can you value it for me?
No. There are many specialist companies for that. We can recommend one that does it very fast: www.62days.com

I think my item is more valuable than you say. What should I do?
The price tag we put on your item is based on similar items we sell at the moment. In other words, that’s the price we would ask for that item if we were to sell it in our store. Please note, that’s not the only price of your item. Read here — we explain the values in more detail.

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