White coffee cup and saucer


  • White coffee cup and saucer
  • White coffee cup and saucer

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Brand: Revol

Category: Tea set

Robust porcelain cup and saucer of a panelled shape, white with gilding, be Revol; vintage French.

Condition: minor surface wear

Size: cup 5.5 cm high, saucer 14 cm diameter

Style note — technically Traditional or Retro style refers to a new item that imitates any old style and design. Homewares, products in such style were produced from around the 1970s onward. Retro designed items often have a mix of decorative elements from several different styles that were popular in the past.

Facts of Lavish Tea facts — the first ever book on tea was written in China in the 8th century by Lu Yu. It is called Tea Classic and covers tea growing, preparation and drinking.

Color: White

Country: French

Material: Porcelain

Style: Traditional

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