6 silver plated soup spoons


  • 6 silver plated soup spoons
  • 6 silver plated soup spoons
  • 6 silver plated soup spoons

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Category: Spoon

Elegant set of six silver plated soup spoons with pierced handles and embossed garland decoration on the handle and back of the shovel, engraved with family initial T; the pattern is called Old Colony, by Rogers Brothers, antique American, circa 1900.

Condition: in fine condition

Size: 17.7 cm L; 7" L.

Edwardian period lasted between 1901-1910, however, when describing the style of homewares, it is loosely applied to the early 1900s. The main features of the Edwardian style are elegance, fairly reserved and very tasteful decoration and the accent on the function of each item. So it is easy to see why Edwardian period products are still popular.

Facts of Lavish History is cool — the word cutlery comes from an Old French word coutel, meaning a knife. Nowadays it refers to all types of dining and serving silverware.

Color: Silver

Country: American

Material: Silver plated

Style: Neo-classical

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