6 small butter knives


  • 6 small butter knives
  • 6 small butter knives
  • 6 small butter knives

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Brand: Geraldus

Category: Dessert knife

Charming set of six butter knives in stainless steel of the Art Deco style, ivory coloured plastic handle in a fitted box, by Geraldus. Beautiful addition to your festive table; vintage English mid 20th century.

Condition: minor surface wear, box worn

Size: 17 cm L.

Art Deco style — the famous novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was written in 1925 and is set in the contemporary Art Deco period. The story perfectly catches the opulent lifestyle of the Roaring Twenties with its spectacular parties. It was also known as the Jazz Age.

Facts of Lavish History is cool — the word cutlery comes from an Old French word coutel, meaning a knife. Nowadays it refers to all types of dining and serving silverware.

Color: Silver

Country: English

Material: Stainless steel

Style: Art deco

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